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Write & Learn Touch Tablet


Age: 3 to 6 years

MSRP (CAD): $24.99

MSRP (USD): $19.99

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A well-designed program that starts by tracing shapes, then progresses to upper and lower case letters, and even numbers. The view screen demonstrates how to form the letter (or number), then offers a dotted image for kids to trace themselves. Our testers loved using this to practice writing their letters and numbers. Also includes a free-style drawing function and a guessing game.




'It is great! I can scribble and also make letters"



It is great! I can scribble and also make letters.



I like it because I need to practice writing. It helps me write and I like the music on it.


Kim G.

My son, age 3, does not have the dexterity that is required for the writing of letters and numbers in this game. When he is using the pen, his hands and fingers touch the screen and smudge the result. The screen is not very large either, seems it could be a little bigger. My son is interested in learning how to write letters and numbers and loves the encouragement and the pictures provided by this toy. It's great that the toy allows the child to pick exactly what he wants to work on as well.

Rebecca D.


Fun educational tablet that is perfect for encouraging my daughter,3 to practice her writing and learn her shapes, letters and numbers. It is durable and safe for little ones and keeps her entertained for quiet play session or even on the go.

Renée R.


The Touch Tablet itself is still great, but it is having a hard time competing with the educational apps on mine and my husband's tablets. The boys (Olivier 4 and Simon 3) will ask if they can play those games instead.

Krista T.

This is a good learning tool to help kids write numbers and letters, however I find that not having a rechargable battery is a big downside, I find that an extra expence as well as a waste. It seems to be built to withstand the small hands and still looks very new. I think the screen could be a little bigger. This toy is good to help kids that want to learn to write. My son (5) has lost interest in the last month, but overall I would recommend this toy to someone who's kids enjoy writing.

Sandra W.

F3 and F5 figured out very quickly how to use this toy. They like anything electronic, animated, and interactive so there is high interest with it. They liked practicing letter writing. There are different educational activities they can do (involving drawing, numbers, letters). Like that the stylus was attached via string so that it would not be easily lost. Good size for little hands and portable. Like that there is volume control. Would prefer it there was an AC adaptor that could be used with it.


My daughter, 36m is loving this tablet. She is very focused when using it and will trace the same few letters several times to practice before moving on to new letters. I like that the instructions that the tablet describe how to write each letter, number or shape, though at her age my daughter doesn't really follow yet. Durable and safe for little ones and keeps her entertained for quiet play session or even on the go.


Manufacturer Description

Take a walk on the wild side of learning with VTech's Write & Learn Touch Tablet. This educational touch screen notepad teaches your child about letters and writing with safari animals and interactive learning games. This portable electronic notepad has five different modes of play that teach your child about object and shape drawing, uppercase letters, lowercase letters, and letter writing. Through graduated learning, this electronic learning toy allows your child to develop their skills, starting with simple line and shape drawing and moving up to actual letter formation. Its touch screen lets them draw and write directly on the screen using either their finger or the attached writing stylus. For added fun, 26 alphabet buttons each represent an animal that comes to life after the player correctly draws the matching letter on the touch screen.

Touch screen with stylus

Cute notepad design for easy portability

26 letter buttons, each represented by an animal

Electronic learning toy has 5 modes of play

Progressive learning takes kids from shape drawing to letter formation

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  • Electronic learning toy has 5 modes of play