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Mattel, Inc.

Age: 6 years and up

MSRP (CAD): $14.99

MSRP (USD): $11.99

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It's fun to play with wrestlers, i don't use it for anything else



its pat of the set


Marie-Lise H.

It does what it is supposed to, nothing more. It is part of the set, it does add to the imagination of wrestling that the other arenas that we had around the house just didn't do. We tried using Beyblades in the ring, but they since there was no raised edges so they just dance around the ring.

Golda W.


The ring is a little short to contain the wrestlers and the inside paint has gotten scratched up--but that's better than scratching up the floor!

Liz H.

After watching my son play with this toy, I definitely think you need the Power Slammers Ring if you are going to purchase the wrestlers - the ring definitely makes play with the wrestlers more realistic and interesting. It keeps the action contained, as the wrestlers move around. My son (6 yrs.) especially loves it when the figures flip each other out. I also think it is fairly priced.


Manufacturer Description

This is where the extreme action and excitement happens — all the over-the-top mayhem that WWE fans love! The Power Slammers Ring is the perfect place for kids to recreate wrangling matches with their Power Slammers figures (sold separately). The clear plastic boundaries contain the brawling fun without blocking it and even let figures bounce off — and sometimes over the top of — the sides of the ring!A few things to note:

WWE Power Slammers figures are difficult to connect.

The WWE Power Slammers figures are difficult to connect at the arms the first few times. The more you connect the figures, the easier they become to connect

WWE Power Slammers figures don't move.

When the WWE Power Slammers figures are connected, cranked up and the head is pushed to start, they start to move, but then get caught or don't move.

For the Thunder Twisting figures (John Cena, Zack Ryder, and Sheamus), make sure the arm is straight before you push the head to start wrestling. If the arm is bent, it causes the figures to get caught and not wrestle.

WWE Power Slammers short wrestling time.

After the WWE Power Slammers figures are connected, cranked up and the head is pushed, the "wrestling" feature does not last long. Crank the lever clockwise until it clicks, usually about 11 times, for full power battling.

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  • The WWE Power Slammers Ring is supposed to get scuffed up after the figures wrestle, on purpose, to show "battle damage."