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WWE® Power Slammers™ Starter Pack

Mattel, Inc.

Age: 6 years and up

MSRP (CAD): $34.99

MSRP (USD): $27.99




Talk abought violent. This is the most wicked game in the history of the world and the fights are too seconds long. if it where really this long we could skip all the restling matches on TV extreamly quickly.



It was fun at first, but now I don't play with the wrestlers much anymore. they wouldn't fight on the ladder, they would just fall.



Even with 1 of the wrestlers that broke when I took him out of the box ( legs fell off, like the elastic inside was cut or something) it is really fun to play with them. I like that they have grips that can hold on to each other, like the arm or the legs, they can also hold the ladder. It took a while to figure out how to wind them up so their arms move really fast but it's fun even without it. They look like they are super strong men... even without legs



These wrestlers are cool. You crank their backs and push their heads, then they punch and flip each other. I liked how they would grab on to each other and flip each other. Sometimes they would flip each other right out of the ring! It is pretty cool. I didn't really use the ladder but it was neat to have.


Golda W.


The wrestlers are a bit silly, but they are fun to watch and have taken quite a bit of abuse and stayed in one piece, without the spring breaking either.

Mireille S.

These wrestlers seemed to have a love-hate relationship with my 7 year old. One day he didn't like them, the next he loved them. I think he enjoyed the idea of having wrestling figures to play with, but was frustrated that all he could so with them was wrestle. Then, he thought the wrestling action was the funniest thing, but winding the wrestlers before they would have a match was hard work. It took time and in the end, only gave a few seconds of wrestling action. Tough call on this one. Definitely not one of his favourite toys, but not his least favourite either. Maybe with a serious WWE Wrestling fan these would be a bigger hit.

Marie-Lise H.

The imaginary play is not vast, basically Kaï (9 ) makes them beat each other. At first Kaï liked to crank the back of the character and make the spinning arm action, but he got over that quickly and then used it as regular action figures. Interestingly, the first set we tried had a wrestler who's legs came off, and he played with that set more that the replacement - I think because the no legs wrestler was easier to hold when the arm spun. You don't really need the ring but it does add to the play action.


Manufacturer Description

WWE Power Slammers amp up the action as they actually wrestle! Kids rotate the "crank" that folds out of each figure's back to power it up. Attach an accessory, and watch the figure bash into the ring. Or connect two Power Slammers either arm to arm or arm to leg, just like a WWE lock up-the grapple position most matches begin with. Press both figures' heads and watch them rumble as each figure's arm or leg spins. Kids love recreating the mayhem of a match with dynamic wrestling action. With two figures and an accessory, each set is a battle waiting to emerge from the box! Includes 2 Power Slammers figures and 1 accessory. Each sold separately, subject to availability. 

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