The game has a number of problems with the play that take away from the fun of playing the game. First off, the instructions are very difficult to read and when I was finished trying to decipher them (with the game board set up in front of me); I was confused enough that I was very dissuaded from continuing. It describes the 3 types of men that you have to play with and each of them has different functions in the game. The problem is that they are so little and the differences are in their helmets, that it is really hard to tell which ones are which. Each time we had to have a battle, we had to lift out men out of the pegboard and examine them up close to determine what they were – very annoying!! When you are setting up the board, it attempts to describe where each of the men sit but only talks about half the men so there is a lot of men left over and it doesn’t say what you are to do with them. It would be helpful to have a picture in the instructions of what the game board should look like when it is set up as it was very difficult to decipher where each of the playing pieces should go based on the instructions given. Also, each player gets a small cross to place somewhere, but nowhere does it say what the function of that piece is or what it is for. The play of the game did not make up for the confusion of the instructions or the setting up. After playing for a while and not seeing the reason for the game, we gave up. This game would need some serious reworking before it became functional.

Ann L.

The rules are to hard to understand.


The instructions are impossible to read. So we didn’t understand the game at all


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You are on the front line, with your Xiacon Battle Force of one general, three officers and five guards, facing an opposing force of Xiacon force of equal strength. Your orders are to take your opponent's bunker while defending your own!

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