Age: 8 years and up

MSRP (CAD): $29.99

MSRP (USD): $22.99

Production Status: In Stores




I love how soft the yarn is! This is going to look so great when I'm done. I'm starting with the one with the fringe because I like the way it looks the best.



My favorite board was the pineapple. I liked the feel of the yarn and it was fun creating the white string for holding everything together. I like that the cherries hung down separately from the weaving. The weaving was a bit hard since you had to make sure not to pull too much on the white strings. I really like how it looked when I was done. It was satisfying using the fork to push the yarn together. It didn't take too long to put the craft together which I liked. The space idea one looked really good but the kit didn't come with any black yarn.


Christina B.

My daughter (8) loves crafts of all kinds and all the colourful yarn really caught her attention. It's basically weaving patterns, but she is enjoying it so far. I liked that it's a different type of craft from what you usually find in stores. It was easy for her to get the hang of on her own. The instructions were pretty straight forward and my daughter was pretty good with them on her own She was able to set up the weaving frame with minimal help (just a bit of guidance). We worked together to determine the length of yarn required.

Allison M.

My son (11) loves any type of craft involving weaving and my daughter (8) loves crafts in general so we were happy to test this out. We liked that it was a mix of weaving and other accessories to make an interesting looking art piece. The yarn was really soft and good quality and we liked the weaving boards. It was fun for the kids to create the weaving surface and then add their designs on the front. They liked using the forks to move the weaving to the correct spot and ensure it was pushed together nicely. They both struggled a bit with having the weaving pull a bit too tightly on the backdrop and it was hard to correct it. Both kids were proud of their creations and they turned out really well. The instructions were easy to follow, though they did require parent help though for the starting and ending of the weaving with the knots. This is a fun craft for kids the like weaving. I do wish there had been 2 needles since my kids were working at the same time and the needle is quite unique and we kept having to take turns with the needle to complete the craft.


Manufacturer Description

Weave some boho-chic into your room's décor! Using the custom frames, create 3 ready-to-hang works of art using 3 types of colorful yarn. Add fringe, felt, sequins, pom-poms, and beads to make each masterpiece your own. This kit will have you “yarn-ing” to make more!


  • 48=page book of instruction & inspiration

  • 3 custom frames

  • Plastic needle

  • Cotton string (15 yds/13.7 m)

  • 3 colors of acrylic yarn (9.8 yds/8.9 m)

  • 3 colors of chenille yarn (8 yds/7.8 m)

  • roving (0.05 oz/1.5 g)

  • 9 pom-poms

  • 21 sequins

  • 6 beads

  • 11 felt shapes