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Yummy Nummies Mini Kitchen Magic

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Age: 6 years and up

MSRP (CAD): $12.99

MSRP (USD): $12.99

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Our testing families varied in their experiences making these mini culinary creations. The Donut making set was the favourite, by far and all our testing families were reasonably happy with their donut making experience. We're told the finished dish looks pretty much as expected - cute miniature donuts. Taste-wise the donuts are quite bland, but the icing and sprinkles make these plenty tasty anyway. The mini chocolate bars were also a tasty treat, although the chocolate didn't melt well, making it difficult to work with so the mini bars weren't as attractive as testing families would hope. The Pizza Party kit was least succesful and tasted quite horrible by all accounts - although due to the really tiny portions, one tester was thrilled that he was allowed to eat a whole box of pizza at once. 




Sooooo much fun!! I love to bake and I usually help mom, but this time I did it all by myself. I made the doughnuts and I want to make more and more and more. They are so small and cute and I love to decorate them and then eat them in one bite!! I wish there was flavor in the dough cause it is a bit boring, but with enough icing and sprinkles it tastes great!!



I really enjoyed making the mini pizzas! They are so little that I was allowed to eat the whole box :) It's fun watching the powder change colors (pizza sauce changed from white to red once I mixed it with water). The different ingredient packets actually smelled like pizza when I opened them, and the taste was pretty delicious as well



I liked making the donuts and making the icing but there was not too many colors of icing. It's the perfect toy but we used it all up. The colorful sprinkles were so fun to put on and delicious.



This is my favourite toy!! I love it because it is so much fun and so simple to make donuts. I pretended I was on a cooking show and the donuts came out perfect. It was easy and we had a tea party after!! It was great. I can read the instructions easily but the writing should be in bigger font because I have to squint when reading them. I am able to follow the directions without any help. You make this food anywhere, in an apartment, hotel room with a microwave and a sink. It doesn't take much to make beautiful food!! I want to buy all the other foods that can be made in the microwave. I think Santa can help me out with this toy!!



The chocolate that you get to make is sooo delicious - it is the best chocolate I have ever tasted (both the white and dark chocolate)!! I liked this because it was fun to make. The only thing I didn't like was that it was kind of difficult to get the chocolate to melt with just warm water. We kept trying to do it wouldn't melt that way, so we had to use the kettle to make it more hot. Some of the chocolates broke when I was trying to get them out of the mould, but you could still see the designs. I really liked wrapping the chocolates in the wrappers to make it look professional. I wish that it came with more wrappers so you could melt your own chocolate chips and make chocolates all over again. Now we use the trays for ice cubes and my ice cubes are so cute!



I tested the candy bar kit and it was cool because I could actually eat the chocolate and it tasted good. This was fun but only for like 10 seconds and then all the chocolate was gone. I didn't even have enough chocolate to fill all the bars and some chocolate got stuck in the bag so I just sucked it out. My sister (4) ate some too and liked it. It was fun because I could eat it after like 5 seconds.



They are really delicious and fun to make. But they harden very fast so you can't get the chocolate's top and bottom smooth enough in time. I couldn't get them to be smooth, so the wrappers didn't fit perfectly. And sometimes when you pop them out, they crack, I still liked them. This is a clever kit. We could make it again with our own chocolate chips and an icing bag or ziploc bag and re-use the trays.



It was fun I guess, but it was really yucky. I am not sure people are supposed to eat that.


Sandra W.

F4 and F6 love to bake so they were excited to try this toy. The measuring scoop and mixing spoon were very small so they were hard to hold, even for the children. It required a lot of parental assistance to complete. The donuts tasted like plastic because they were baked in a plastic tray in the microwave. The kids especially liked putting icing and sprinkles on them. Once the donuts were consumed, there was no more need to play with the kit. Interesting design for a mini donut making kit (small donut mold tray, small mixing spoon and container for mixing, and small scoop). Only needed to add water. Was a little difficult for F6 to understand the instructions and she needed more parental help than I was expecting. Fun idea to make cute mini donuts. The kids still enjoyed this kit because they love to bake.

Orietta M.

What fun and cute to do! My daughter 10 loved making her donuts by herself. She was so careful and it ended up looking just like the picture on the box. But don't leave them for a week they turn colour and start to smell funny. We tested a few out the other one's she ate right away and loved them!! Great project for a rainy day.

Lisa G.

This is an new spin on baking for kids..Zahra (F8) was able to follow the directions herself. She liked the idea of mixing it and making the little mini donuts for her dessert. She made a batch for herself- she needed only some help with the microwave. We have the easy bake oven and have to buy the refills for those. This kit is small (unlike the oven that takes up a lot of space) and easy with less mess and no risk of burning oneself. The kit is well organized and Zahra said the donuts are very yummy. It took her a good 30 minutes to make the donuts and she was very proud of them afterward. Surprisingly she didn't make a large mess- just a small sticky mess. I'm not sure about the ingredients but it the finished product looks and smells delicious. I would have liked re-sealable pouches because the kit isn't one use only.

Kim M.

Essentialy a one time use melt and mould chocolate maker. The kit comes with 2 packets of mini chocolate chips (one with dark and one with white chocolate chips), melting bag, plastic cutting tool and 6 mini foil wrappers. The concept is simple - place chocolate chips in the plastic melting bag and swish it around in hot water, cut the end and squeeze the melted chips into the tray. Place in fridge for 5 minutes and then pop out. The chocolate treats can be wrapped in foil wrappers. The difficulty is that the chocolate chips don't melt in just warm water. It really needs boiling water (or close to that temperature) and then the plastic melting bag becomes very hot, requiring adult supervision. The instructions are not clear in that the dark chocolate should make 3 bars and the white chocolate should make 3 bars. It appears from the instructions that one set of chocolate chips should make 6 bars, not 3. The end result looks good and 9 year old Meaghan and her friends enjoyed their sweet treats.

Annie D.

One time use only. My son (almost 6) really enjoyed making his pizzas but they were very very very tiny bites. Hence, the reason why we ended up making the whole batch.

Sylvie S.

Though it was lots of fun to make with the kids (F9 and M6), the end product was absolutely inedible. We tested the Pizza making kit and no one enjoyed eating the product. This is not a toy I would buy or even recommend to anyone. We tried the pizza making kit and all of us found it disgusting to eat and spit it out. Did not taste anything like pizza and filled with ingredients that can not posdibly be any good for children's diet.


Manufacturer Description

Yummy Nummies candy, snack, and meal making sets come with everything you need to make adorable no-bake mini foods! These delicious little foods look and taste like the real thing! You won’t believe how the hamburger tastes like a real tiny hamburger and the cupcakes smell freshly baked. All food ingredients are made in the USA.

Pizza Party Maker: Tastes like real cheesy pizza! Doughy and delicious! Makes 10+ mini pizzas. Includes 1 kitchen magic tray, 1 instruction sheet, 1 dough packet, 1 sauce packet, 1 cheese packet, 1 spoon, 1 measuring scoop and 1 mini pizza peel. Disposable cooking utensils for easy cleanup.

Candy Bars Maker ($12.99): Tastes smooth and creamy! Deluxe white and milk chocolate flavored bars! Comes with everything you need to make 6 mini bars! Includes 1 kitchen magic tray, 1 instruction sheet, 1 white cocoa chips packet, 1 dark cocoa chips packet, 2 melting bags, 1 cutting tool, and 6 mini chocolate bar wrappers.

Donut Delights Maker ($12.99): Tastes fresh baked! Delightful vanilla donuts with icing and sprinkles! Makes 10+ mini donuts. Includes 1 kitchen magic tray, 1 instruction sheet, 1 donut packet, 1 icing packet, 1 sprinkles packet, 1 spoon, 1 measuring scoop, 2 icing bags, and 1 plate. Disposable cooking utensils for easy cleanup.

Best Ever Burger Maker ($16.99): Makes 3 fun-filled meals! Includes everything you need for a fun-filled meal! Tastes like a real burger, fries and cola! Includes 1 kitchen magic tray, 1 instruction sheet, 1 burger packet, 1 bun packet, 1 cheese packet, 1 ketchup sauce packet, 1 fries packet, 1 cola drink packet, 1 spoon, 1 measuring scoop, 1 cutting tool, 1 non-stick sheet, 1 cup, 1 plate. Disposable cooking utensils for easy cleanup.

Funetti Spaghetti Maker ($16.99): Makes 3 fun-filled meals! Includes everything you need for a fun-filled meal! Tastes like real spaghetti! Includes 1 kitchen magic tray, 1 instruction sheet, 1 pasta dough packet, 1 pasta solution packet, 1 sauce packet, 1 meatball flavored packet, 1 grape drink packet, 1 spoon, 1 measuring tool, 1 fork, 1 noodle bag, 1 cup and 1 plate. Disposable cooking utensils for easy cleanup.

Chix Mini Nuggets Maker ($12.99): Really tastes like nuggets and ketchup! Tender and perfect for dipping! Makes 10+ mini nuggets. Includes 1 kitchen magic tray, 1 instruction sheet, 1 nuggets packet, 1 bread crumbs packet, 1 ketchup flavored packet, 1 spoon, 1 measuring tool and 1 plate. Disposable cooking utensils for easy cleanup.

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