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Zing Air Hunterz Zano Bow

Zing Toys, Inc.

Age: 4 years and up

MSRP (CAD): $12.99

MSRP (USD): $12.99

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A great little bow. Don't let its small size fool you - this mini bow shoots plenty far. Very popular with our testing families, both inside and outdoors.




It shoots really far! It is really fun to shoot at my Mom's bottom! It would be even more fun if it came with a target (we used one from another game). There is one way to hold the bow but it is hard to figure out sometimes. I get it turned the wrong way, but it is really easy to use.



This isn't a toy, it's like a real bow and arrow!



Simon (3) (who just had to shoot the arrows like his big brother, but with assistance from a parent): I love bows and arrows! I want to shoot it again!



It is smaller than normal bows but still shoots a good distance. I like playing with the bow in the house because there are lots of surfaces for it to stick to. It is good that it doesn't stick for a long time (3 seconds) because then if you shoot it on the ceiling, you can get it down no problem.



It is great. The first two times I played with it I didn't really think it was a good toy because everyone else could make it go way further. But now I practiced and I can get it to go way over the fence every time. I'm not trying to make it go in the neighbours garden but it just has to go that far. I would just tell other kids to keep trying because it is awesome and every time it goes a bit further.


Jennifer Y.

This is a smart, compact, strong but inexpensive bow and arrow! My husband and I and Jack (M8) and especially Chloe (F6) all enjoyed shooting arrows. You simply hook 1 of the 2 provided arrows on the rubber loops, pull back and shoot. Setting up a target in the backyard was great fun, and the arrows easily flew 30 ft outside. The kids love aiming these at the walls or ceilings in the house and watching them stick then fall. After more than six weeks of play, I still hear a repetitive hitting noise a few times a week as Jack (M9) or Chloe (F6) aim this at the wall or ceiling, watch it stick, fall off and then shoot again. They really just enjoy shooting the arrows! I think it is a good way to relax after the school day! The kids don't really engage in battles with it - they use it most for independent target practice. Everything is in good condition and working well. The rubber loops make it feel like the arrow will fly super far, but the elastic doesn't have a great deal of tension so the shot is more gentle than expected...which is good for a child's toy. It flies 30 ft as stated on the box. I was accidentally hit in the face with an arrow - it did not hurt! (But of course, please don't aim at anyone's face). There are 4 spots to click the arrows to on the bow for storage - a nice way to keep everything together, but we would like more than 2 arrows included.

Jennifer F.

I was very impressed with this toy, especially for the price, although I wouldn't use this inside as the box suggests as it goes quite far, fairly fast. It is not just another aim and shoot toy, it requires the kids to have a steady hand and over a few play sessions they can improve their aim and distance. My 7 year old son particularly liked it and steadily worked to improve his distance - after two play sessions my 7 year old seems to have it flying at least 40 feet. I think the more "sports" like look of this (as opposed to toy) also had the kids M6, M7, M7, playing with it as if they were Olympic athletes, always shooting targets and not each other! Only improvement might be an additional arrow as they shoot quite far and we had to make numerous hunts through trees and neighbouring yards!

Renee R.

Olivier (4) was very excited that he could play with a toy that "isn't really a toy". He felt very grown up playing with a bow and arrow, and was really excited to practice. A fun toy that allows kids to practice a sport for grown ups. What wouldn't be great about that?

Mireille S.

It's been a long time since I've see my 8 year old this excited about an outdoor play set. The Zano Bow hit the bullseye in our house, in more ways than one. What an awesome set! Although this is advertized as also being an indoor set, I was hesitant to use it inside as I was worried things around the house would get broken. The great thing about this toy is that the developers came up with a bow mechanism that reduces the impact and limits the risk of injury without sacrificing the fun factor. This set gets top marks in my books; it gets the kids moving, it's something they can easily play on their own or with friends, it helps kids focus to properly aim for their target, and when you factor in the price of the Zano Bow, I think it’s as close to perfect as a toy can get. I will definitely be buying this set as a gift and recommending it to everyone I know!


Manufacturer Description

The Air Hunterz Zano Bow is the perfect indoor Archery Set! The Zano Bow shoots arrows over 30 feet that stick to almost any flat surface. Includes wall target for awesome indoor target practice in the bedroom or the office!

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