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Zoobles Spring to Life - Large Playset Razoo's Treehouse Playset

Spin Master Ltd

Age: 4 years and up

MSRP (CAD): $39.99

MSRP (USD): $34.99

Production Status: In Stores

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Despite some minor function problems, our testers really enjoyed having this set for their Zooble(s). The toy comes with only one Zooble, but additional Zoobles are sold separately. The Zooble character was certainly the main attraction, but the play set itself definitely enhanced our testers' enjoyment this appealing little pop-up figure.




I like this toy. I can do so many things to make the zoobiles move. I like how they pop their ears and stick in places. It is like glue. I really like the slide.



The cool thing is the magnets in different spots for the zoobles animals. I like the slide. When I play with it I bring up the yellow leaf and I move the lever and demanding how I move it the zoobles goes in different places. Then there is a thingy where you can make them spin.



This is neat.



I like the treehouse set and the zoobles are really cute. Only 1 zooble came with the set I wish I had more. We used bakugan balls to play with the set and that was fun, but I like zoobles better cause they are really sweet. They could have a picnic or swing on a hammock. I really like the colors . the boys tend to play ruff with their bakugan but when they play with my treehouse no fighting is allowed!



You flip them down the slide and then it hops onto the magnet and opens, just like a circus trick, they are so cool! The little bird doesn't fit in the hidy-hole in the tree, she keeps falling out.



When I first saw it, I thought it would be a lot like PetShop because the Zooble is the same size and her head is way bigger than her body. When I opened it, I realised it's like Backugan but a girl version. That's really cool!!! I like the slide and how you start it, and the whole show it gives you when all you do is lift something up! On the instructions, it gives a lot of help. But it shows that the fire comes with something attached to it, I see that fire has a hole in one of it's fire wood sticks. I also got confused at the point where it shows that the ramp goes with the tippy thing, then I realised (after a long time) that the ramp didn't attach onto anything, it just sits there!!! It doesn't tell you where the objects that came with it should go. it didn't say where to put the little pet bird, that she has, but I found one!!!!!!!!


Marie-Lise H.

Still a sweet and cute little play set. Mia ( 7 ) has it by her bed and plays with it often before bedtime, the little Zoobles are just cute. Mia set a rule that if any Bakugan are used with her Zooble then they have to be nice and no fighting.

Jo M.


I admit that I wasn't sure if this toy would interest Kierra (4) but it is a hit. Kierra has played for hours with the treehouse and zooble. Connor (6) even joins in with some bakugan balls or will play with the green zooble who isn't as girly. Kierra wished that the set came with more zoobles. The zoobles are very easy to open and close (much easier than bakugan balls). The slide often malfunctions when the zoobles go to the flower but it works when the zoobles are going to the platform with the mirror. This doesn't seem to both Kierra at all as she just continues the play and moves the zoobles manually. The hammock house is difficult to make it stand on its own. The toy came with some cardboard food which was misplaced early on but it was enjoyed when it was available. The downside to this toy is that it was difficult to take out of the packaging and it is fairly expensive. The upside is that it has a lot of appeal for the kids.

Stacie C.


After a few play sessions with the treehouse the slide/pole piece wasn't working right anymore. It no longer flows perfectly like it first did. The zoobles fly off the end of the slide instead of landing on the leaf. At the bottom of the leaf you press a button to launch the zooble onto the platorm and that is only working sometimes now. It has been a bit frustrating for Jill but we are laughing and getting creative trying to compensate. I am disappointed that it didn't work longer. She really likes this toy though and we have bought some new characters for her to play with. 10 for the zoobles, 6 for the treehouse.

Eric C.


Great for girls. Be nice to see the same concept for boys- monsters or robots.

Amy C.

This set reminds me of a cross between pollypockets and bakugan. I am curious to see what the longterm playlife will be. Lyra is very excited about the set and was able to jump right into a little story using the playset and the characters.

Laurie T.


This playset reminds me very much of the Littlest Pet Shop playsets and Zoe loves those so I thought that she would have fun with this one as well. She was very excited to get it and opened it up right away. She set up the house according to the instructions and the picture on the box by herself and figured all the things that the zooble could do. It is pretty cool how he can change from a ball into a creature at different places on the structure. Zoe set it up with her pet shop playhouses and the pet shop pets fit well on the zooble playset. Another addition to her 'village' which fits well in with the rest. And her pets and her zooble get along!!


Year Introduced



  • 1 ramp


  • Zooble twirls down pole